Your Surgery

The details of your surgery will be explained during your consultation. Dr Rowe will give you an idea regarding what to expect both in the short and long term after your operation. If you have more than simple local anaesthetic, your anaesthetist, who is arranged by Dr Rowe and usually works routinely with Dr Rowe, will assist with post-operative pain relief and any other supportive treatments required. It is vital you let your anaesthetist know your full medical history and medication list. If your surgery is quite major, your anaesthetist may contact you prior to the date of surgery for more information and may request some investigations to help with keeping you safe during your anaesthetic.

Post-Operative Complications

Dr Rowe is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for any problems you may have in the post-operative period. If you can not contact him for any reason, in hours his staff will organise someone to look after you or failing that you should attend either the Greenslopes Hospital Emergency Department or your nearest public hospital emergency department where you will be cared for.

If Dr Rowe is away on leave, he will have arranged another plastic surgeon to cover for him. This will be updated on this website, and Dr Rowes staff will be able to help you find the care you need in this circumstance.

Remember, if it is an emergency, you should dial 000 and request an ambulance.

However, for any complications following surgery performed by Dr Rowe, please endeavour to let him know, or have someone else let him know, that you are having problems.  Only in the most extreme circumstances would it be unsafe to come straight to Greenslopes Hospital – your ambulance officers can decide the urgency if you are having serious problems.  Otherwise, Dr Rowe can organise the care you need, including admission either privately or publically, medication scripts, or review in rooms for more minor complications.

You should receive a “Post-Operative Care” brochure following your procedure. If not, you can download a copy below.

If you have surgery in Minor Ops in Dr Rowe’s rooms, your follow up details will be written in this brochure.  If you have misplaced it, please contact us and we will let you know what you need to do for follow up.

If you have surgery as a Day Case in hospital, you should still receive a brochure, and possibly a copy of your operation note, which may detail your immediate follow-up appointment. If not, you will be contacted by Dr Rowe’s staff to arrange an appointment. Usually, this appointment would be around 1 week after your surgery, so if you don’t have such an appointment, definitely contact us!

More complex surgery will require a stay in hospital. You will usually be under the care of the excellent nursing team lead by Sr Liz Bates  RN on ward 37, Greenslopes Hospital. Occasionally, however, you may be “out lied” to another ward, and unfortunately, this is not under the control of Dr Rowe but is due to hospital operational constraints (Ward 37 may be full!!).

Regardless of which ward you are in, Dr Rowe will usually see you the following morning on his rounds to ensure you are well and receiving the care you need to recover. You may also be seen by his junior medical staff who will help ensure you recover quickly and with as little discomfort as possible. Your surgery and stay will usually be at Greenslopes Hospital, but occasionally will be at another facility in Brisbane. Dr Rowe will still see you there, but it may be at varied times due to other clinical commitments each day. Obviously, Dr Rowe is always available if there are any problems or complications.

Your recovery will usually be discussed with you at your initial consultation, but always feel free to ask questions at any stage in your surgical journey. Your stay in hospital will depend on many factors, but Dr Rowe will give you an idea of how long your stay will be, at your consultation pre-operatively.

Download Post-Operative Care brochures below

If you are unsure what you have had, hover over the button for a brief description of what each brochure will cover.

Biopsy Facial Skin Grafts Facial Excisions & Flaps Trunk & Limb Surgery

Due to changes necessary to maintain social distancing we have made some changes to how we are running consultations in rooms.  This is necessary to minimise the possible risk of transmission of COVID-19.  Please only attend your appointment with a single support person unless absolutely necessary, as we have limited space in our waiting area.  While waiting for your appointment we ask that you maintain proper distancing in the waiting room, and if necessary wait in the building corridor.

Previous restrictions on elective surgery in Queensland have been lifted, and we are operating at full capacity.  However, this may change with little notice depending on new case prevalence in queensland.  This would be a restriction imposed by Queensland Helath ans a Public Health regulation and we have no control over this.  Unfortunately this could lead to delays in your consultation or surgery.

Please be patient as we all work through these difficult times.  See this blog post for more…